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more control to old flashes

another entry to the

Some time ago I found a pretty old flash.

Kako net-s GN25, despite being quite old was well preserved. That which has on the side and seem intensity control is actually a conversion table, there is no way to control the intensity of the flash, always fires at full power.

I thought we could use a fader ND filter to have more control over those old lights flash to be found at garage sales.

In addition to control the intensity of light also sought some control over the dispersion so use a cardboard tube with aluminium foil inside.

Now we can control the flash output rotating the fader ND filter.

In the next picture we use the flash kako + tube with fader ND filter in an intermediate position, if we use normal flash uncontrolled blaze the background giving us a flat picture.

iso100 - 39mm - f/8 - 1/125seg

The reflections on the character's eyes are a second flash with an white umbrella behind a cardboard. is an easy way to get reflections in the eyes without extra lights.

The camera used was a canon 60D + tamron 18-270mm F/.3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD.

some things we use in this tutorial:

- cardboard. a lot.
- tube, from chips, from toilet paper, from pipe, plastic or paper.
- aluminium foil, stolen from the neighbor's kitchen.
- masking tape.
- black tape.
- scissors, razor or something like that.
- ND fader filter, this thing is quite versatile.
- a couple of tripods, stands or something to hold flahses and camera.
- wireless triggers, unless your flashes work with black magic.
- white diffuser umbrella, with the flash behind the camera, behind the cardboard.
- flashes in picture:
        -Yongnuo YN460-II GN38
                 -  Kako net-s GN25 (old as history of photography, but still works)

how i took it 2012 contest

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